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Global Business Directory caters to all websites who wish to participate in link exchange. Global Business Directory is a unique directory as we accept both English and Japanese website submissions. Global Business Directory is a reciprocal linking directory. Please feel free to submit your website to our reciprocal link directory.
There are 498 links in 15 categories to choose from:
Arts & Entertainment (33)
Body Art, Photography, Music, Graphic Design ...

Business & Finance (114)
Investing, E-Commerce, Marketing, Automotive ...

Computers & Internet (76)
Web Hosting, E-mail, Graphics, SEO ...

Education (22)
Courses, Universities, Textbooks, English School ...

Fashion (34)
Flowers, Autos, Sport & Sporting Goods, Tools ...

Government (9)
African Governments, Asian Governments, European Governments, North American Governments ...

Health & Beauty (26)
Skin Care, Fitness, Food & Related Products, Hair related ...

Home (47)
Renovations, Pets, Gardening, Family Related ...

International Sites (non-English) (35)
Non-English or non-Japanese,

Movies (10)
Cartoons, DVDs, Directors & Producers, Scripts ...

News (7)
Magazines, International, Weather, Newspapers ...

Regional (8)
Caribbean, US States, Africa, Middle East ...

Society (14)
Religion, Cram Schools, People, Genealogy ...

Sports (28)
Skiing, Shooting, Martial Arts, Billiards ...

Travel (35)
Travel Guides, Maps, Vacation Packages, Airlines ...

Global Business Directory

Global Business Directory is a category based directory where any company, research institute, association, entrepreneur, or any other enterprise, NPO, or person can publicize and advertise their website.

In order to maintain registration quality, the administrator of Global Business Directory reserves the right to take the site rank and appropriateness of the content of the registering site into consideration. So it is possible for a site to be approved, but to have conditions stipulated. These conditions are clearly indicated on the appropriate pages throughout the Global Business Directory site so please refer to each page for details.

Importance of Directory Registration

There are many recognized merits for registering for directory sites such as Global Business Directory. First of all, one of the obvious merits is having your business or service essentially listed in a virtual business yellow pages or a virtual rolodex of businesses sorted by category where your potential customers or clients can find you themselves.

However with millions of websites in the world, it should not be expected that a large number of customers will consciously find your site out of that vast number by simply "surfing the net". It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the effectiveness of this method is practically 0. But directory registration has another advantage. In addition to obtaining hyperlinks to your site, by having your business' site listed in the directory you also have a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advantage.

In actuality, this "additional advantage" is by far the more important of the two!

Website Popularity

Site Contents

Websites that receive a lot of visitors have high quality content. It is clear that in order to receive many visitors, it is a must to not only have your site found by Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines, but it is necessary to be highly ranked in the search results. In order to be ranked high in the search results, you must have content that is not only high quality, but that is crawler friendly. (Easily crawled and indexed by the search engine's automated robots.)


Another important point is site popularity. Specifically, site popularity is the frequency at which your website, or its various pages, is visited. This frequency may also be being measured by the search engines; however there is a simple method for measuring the level of popularity of your site. By knowing the number of sites with hyperlinks pointing to a given page you can determine the popularity. These hyperlinks to a site from other sites are called inlinks, and the number of inlinks tells the story of a sites popularity.

Increase Inlinks using Global Business Directory

Registering at Global Business Directory equals increasing your inlinks by one! Your site popularity will increase just by registering! Registration at Global Business Directory may only be one vote for the popularity of your site, but it is an important one vote in the larger scheme of increasing your site's popularity.

Characteristics of Global Business Directory

Global Business Directory is different from the numerous rental registration sites in the following ways.
  1. Not all sites that apply will be listed because we have our staff consider each request to determine whether or not the site is to be listed. In this way we are able to maintain a high level of quality for the directory. As a result, Global Business Directory currently has a Site Rank of 3 which is comparatively high for program file directories.
   2. Many site registration directories are rental programs where each registration page looks unique, but in reality the root directories are all the same. Global Business Directory's URL, http://www.global-directory.jp and site are both unique and do not share a root directory with any other directories. The quality of an inlink received from one of the rental programs and one received by registering with Global Business Directory is complete different.
   3. Registration directories come and go. Global Business Directory was started and continues based on the long term vision of its owner and is therefore a stable directory. It has been 2 years since the Directory was started and we promise we are here for the long haul. You can have confidence registering with us. Please also visit our Global Business Directory in Japanese.

Please register your site with the category based Global Business Directory!

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